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Welcome to my HubPage prifile and thank you for visiting. Briefly im a smart phone user who loves to write about and help other people achieving their goals. My personal interests are in BlackBerry Smart Phone usage and all the solutions that great RIM s device can provide. Enjoy BlackBerry !

On the other hand as a bulgarian I would like to write some hubs for my country. About our sea and mountain resorts and our kitchen. I hope you will like it. If you already visited Bulgaria in the past you will know exactly what im writing about. My professional life is not so interesting. I'm an accountant and dept collector. Export insurance is also a part of my duties in the international company I'm working for. I will try to write some hubs for managing employees and debt collecting. I love to sport too, im cycling mainly on the road. Thats just a hobby. If I get a hitch, I will share something interesting about my cycle trips. Enjoy!

Recently I started a weight loss blog. As a cyclist I think I might be useful for the community and to help with my weight loss tips and advice’s. I included also many receipts for healthy eating regime. You can visit and comment my work. It will be great appreciated & help me improve it in order to be much useful for all interested in weight loss. 

One of my latest projects is the Free classified webside called BezplatniObiavi.bg. I`am now trying to make it the best advertiesement website in Bulgaria. 



2012 was a very important year for me. Two significant things happened in my life :


- I have a son, I became a father, and

- I changed my vision for happiness in life. What I mean? Well, i find now different things that makes me happy. I became learning about nature, farming and more precisely - bees. Internet marketing, website building, affiliate sales and ever lasting targets are in the past. My hubs will be more different now. I will post mainly about beehives and bee farming. That is actually what makes me happy. In the end, we all have to be happy with what we're doing ... right?


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    My Fiverr experience in making money online

    2 months ago

    My personal experience with Fiverr began a week ago. So far I've never tried such activity, I'm mainly working on my websites, doing Joomla and other kind of stuff. A friend of mine recently received his payment for a...

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    Why We Need to Lose Weight

    2 years ago

    Extra weight not only brings discomfort and emotional stress; it also creates a host of physical problems. Many people in their fifties and sixties find that they need weight lose so they prefer knee or hip...

  • 3

    Advantages and disadvantages of IP cameras

    2 years ago

    In this hubpage I will try to explain you the advantages and disadvantages of IP cameras. Also i will share some other facts related with cameras. • Two-way audio network cable that allows the user to...

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    How to increase your Clickbank affiliate sales and improve your earnings?

    2 years ago

    Since I received my first clickbank check, I would like to share my experience about the topic. It all started last year when in October I joined Clickbank. Since the very beginning I have to admit, I wasn’t so...

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    What is the real Bulgarian yogurt?

    2 years ago

    How to prepare yoghurt and cheesе? As is known Bulgarian yoghurt is unique and known worldwide. But besides yogurt, Bulgarians prepare and delicious feta cheese, cottage cheese and other products based on milk....

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    Features And Benefits of Owning A BlackBerry Smartphone

    2 years ago

    BlackBerry has set up, found, launched credibility inside the cell phone  industry by creating a phone that is usableutilitarian for more than just texting  and placing or receiving calls.These cellphones can...

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    How to turn your WI-FI ON in BlackBerry Bold ?

    2 years ago

    First communication issue I remember was WI-FI connection on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 . I encountered a great problem because I was afraid I will not be able to browse the web without using solely WI-FI connection . I...

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    BlackBerry Security Basics , BlackBerry Encryption

    2 years ago

    Talking about BlackBerry Security , the first thing we have to consider is our password . Once set you can continue with more security options depending on your Security requirements . If later you forgot or just type...

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    BlackBerry bold 9700 : How to post in Blogger via BlackBerry smartphone ?

    2 years ago

    Beeng a blogger , everyone needs a complete mobile solution for this job in order to update his blog content fresh constantly. Sometimes the idea cames suddenly. Loose Muse is not that good only because you are not...

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